Carlos Ghosn Escaped From Japan to Lebanon Where International Extradition is Impossible for him

Nationality can be super important for those seeking to avoid international extradition. Carlos Ghosn was able to escape from Japan and flee to Lebanon. He knew he’d avoid international extradition from there as he is a Lebanese citizen. Like many countries, Lebanon refuses to extradite its own citizens.

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The Extradition Report

How do international fugitives avoid extradition?. Sometimes for decades. International extradition is little understood. But increasingly important. As the world becomes more and more regulated and political it’s easier than ever to fall foul of laws that seek to punish victimless  ‘crimes’.

The Extradition Report 2022 is the only guide that offers definite legal strategies for anyone concerned about international extradition.

Even if you’re going to settle a legal case wouldn’t it be good to, at least, have the option to negotiate from a position of strength?

In a different country outside the prosecutor’s jurisdiction…

Maybe even with citizenship from a country that refuses to extradite its own nationals…

Who’s in the strongest position? The guy who hires the most expensive lawyers to negotiate or the guy who leaves at the first sign of trouble and negotiates from his beachfront villa in a country where he’s a citizen?

In The Extradition Report you’ll learn:

tick  Why There’s No such thing as an International Arrest Warrant

tick  Why Extradition is very rare and not something that most people should worry about.

tick  The ONE thing that’s a bigger concern than extradition and will leave you with  ZERO options if you’re not thoroughly               prepared in advance

tick   A Key tool that fugitives use to communicate internationally

tick   The TRUE story of the international fugitive who escaped from a US prison and gained 2 new citizenships. How he stayed on the run for years and his new country REFUSED to extradite him despite being CONVICTED of murder in the  USA. We detail exactly how he was able to do it.

tick    How to live a low-key and rewarding life. Everybody needs a fresh start every so often.

tick    The 3 strategies anyone can use to avoid extradition.

tick     The ONE thing you must never do if you’re wanted by the authorities.

tick     The secret strategies fugitives have used successfully for decades to avoid extradition. They still work today.

tick     EVERY country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the United States, The UK, Canada, and Australia.

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What country can you not get extradited from?

Many countries have a policy of refusing to extradite their own citizens. Countries such as Lebanon, Brazil and France will refuse to extradite their own nationals.

Can a US citizen be extradited to another country?

Yes, the US will extradite its own citizens. In fact, 2 US citizens who helped Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan were extradited from the US to Japan. They are facing prosecution for their role in helping Ghosn escape. The story is here. They were subsequently convicted and imprisoned in Japan.

Who Cannot extradite?

Every country can extradite. However there are some countries that are not internationally recognised. As they don’t legally exist, they can’t extradite. Find out more in The Extradition Report.

What is the US policy on international extradition?

The US will mostly co-operate with friendly countries on international extradition. It’s much less likely they’ll co-operate with countries where there are political tensions. It’s highly unlikely that the US would extradite anybody to Russia or North Korea, for example.