US Demonstrates Extraterritorial Reach to Extradite UK Citizen

British businessman Graham Bonham-Carter has been arrested in the UK and faces extradition to the USA. He allegedly helped Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska avoid US sanctions.

US prosecutors claim that Bonham-Carter helped Deripaska by making payments for the upkeep of his US properties. It’s also alleged that he tried to move artwork out of the US.

Deripaska Has Been Sanctioned by the US Since 2018

Deripaska has been under US sanctions since 2018, well before the current round of sanctions related to the war in Ukraine.

Bonham-Carter was arrested on Ovtober 10th. The allegations relate to helping Deripaska with his US real estate in 2021.

US prosecutors allege that Bonham-Carter wired $1m from a Russian bank account to the US to help manage Deripaska’s US properties.

According to documents submitted to the court Bonham-Carter has worked for Deripaska since 2003.

Released on Bail

The prosecutor in New York said “Bonham-Carter obscured the origin of funding for upkeep and management of Deripaska’s lavish US assets in violation of international sanctions.’

Bonham-Carter was released on conditional bail by the court in London. If the extradition is successful and he’s convicted of the charge he faces up to 20 years in a US prison.

A lawyer who acted for Bonham-Carter is also facing a charge of wire fraud.